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A Faith-Based Insurance Agency

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As an independent brokerage company we assist our individual clients and client organizations with the implementation and coordination of comprehensive benefits solutions. Being able to offer a full suite of insurance solutions positions Blackhawk Financial to truly be your one stop shop.

Our uniquely innovative approach focuses our energies on finding creative solutions to enhance your overall insurance coverages by sourcing the best insurance products for the best value. Since our formation in 2018 Blackhawk Financial has saved more than 80% of our new clients thousands of dollars (they had been paying the previous year) towards their overall insurance cost!


The Insurance Specialists

Blackhawk Financial is more than just an average Insurance Agency. Being veteran and minority certified means that we've been vetted at both the state and federal levels and deemed in possession of the required licenses and business components to compete for public solicitations.


We want to take the burden firmly off our clients’ shoulders; after all, it’s what we’ve been doing since 2018. When we state that we're a faith-based agency we're affirming our endeavor to let God's love inform all our key decisions. Its through the offering of our individual "five loaves and two fishes" that we seek to educate, advise and inform those whom we have the privilege to serve. 

As a one-stop Insurance Agency with years of experience managing a wide-range of risk and exposures, we have the skills to ensure our clients receive exceptional coverage. To keep your loved ones safe and to protect your assets, contact us to find out how we can help. Our team of experts is waiting to hear from you.

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The Bedrock of Our Success 

There are 3 most common/typical responses to any apparent concern. First there are those who will look away, there are those who will spectate but not get involved, and finally those who will choose to help - to be part of the solution. At Blackhawk Financial we recognize that when our communities thrive, our probability for success rises almost exponentially. Therefore, galvanized through our faith we've been investing our time (through volunteer work), manpower (skilled personnel) and resources (financial), back into each community in which we serve. When you succeed, we succeed!



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“Thank you for your assistance in completing and submitting my claim. I appreciate your professionalism and your availability to complete the process. Your assistance made the process easier and provided the personal touch. Thank you."

Simone W, NY

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