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Our Leadership

Kern J. Preddie

President and Founder

My Story

Kern rose through the ranks of the U.S. Army from Sergeant to Captain, receiving multiple medals and accolades along the way, including the U.S. Army’s Bronze Star for his exceptionally meritorious service as the Chief of Causality Operations for the 13th Sustainment Command during Operation Iraqi Freedom. From there, he put forth his drive, team leadership expertise, and critical thinking skills to build Blackhawk Financial, a company that supports and provides insurance coverage (health and supplemental) for all individuals, with a special focus on the unique needs of veterans.


With a personality that won’t let you hang up the phone without a smile and a laugh, Kern and his team work relentlessly behind the scenes to ensure they are able to provide each and every client with the best possible coverage at a price they can afford. Kern coaches his team to approach each client’s specific needs with the same resolve that allowed him to successfully maintain 100% accountability of all casualties sustained by a unit of over 20,000 soldiers during his tour in Iraq.


He goes to work every day with three driving factors in mind—his family, his team, and his desire to ensure that people are able to get the insurance coverage they need so they can focus on the things that matter most in life. When you work with Kern, you’re working with a father, a veteran, and an astute business owner who is ready to serve YOU.


“Kern helped me out a great deal. I was carrying a lot of insurance policies that I didn’t need and were not beneficial to me at all. After reviewing my policies, he got me into a life insurance plan and managed care plan that is magnificent. I love it! I can’t even say enough good things about it. I would absolutely recommend him to anybody! Kern is very informative and if you have a question, he explains it from A to Z. My mother was a very hard sell, but he got her over and she loves the plan she’s on and she sings his praises, too!


He can help anybody in terms of life insurance, medical insurance, cancer coverage, managed care plans, Medicaid A, B, and whatever all that other Medicaid stuff is! He knows it front and back. So yes, I would recommend him to anyone!”

- C. Ross


Kern is a proud veteran working with an accomplished team of insurance professionals who are looking to help others make smart financial decisions for themselves and their families.


As noted in Kern’s Officer Evaluation, “his dedication and selflessness are evident in all of his actions.”


- U.S. Army’s Bronze Star

- Seven (7) Army Certificates of Achievement for Leadership

- 2007 National Defense Service Medal

- 2001 U.S. Army Sergeant of the Year

- Three (3) Army Commendation Medals

- Two (2) Army Achievement Medals

- Global War on Terrorism Medal

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